is the website of Elia Rowan, a white jewish adult trans woman. If you've gotten here from a social media page, you probably know more about her than that already. As you can see, she likes space.

"Who should rightly own the power to define identity?

Is it ever polite, or kind, to dismiss the honest self-definition of another?

Are not fear and power the only reasons anyone would need to question the self-definition of another?"

- Jennifer Diane Reitz, 2005

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The universe is a three-dimensional space, though the third dimension's breadth is considerably less than the other two: it is always approximately two siriometers (see note 1) tall. The background starscapes of the sky are theorized to show what lies beyond this region, whether within this universe or without. The stars of the universe may seem to be randomly distributed, but patterns and structure can emerge when the sky is studied closely- in addition to the distancing of fixed stars and the planetary movements of moving stars, there is evidence that stars are often organized into patterns rather reminiscent of the far background starscapes (see note 2). It is commonly held that stars are spaced to match their brightness- while not precisely true, it has been shown that there are many sets of stars of similar apparent brightness but different distance and true brightness. For example, two stars eleven and three light-days away (both successfully visited) are of nearly the same brightness.

1. A siriometer is the distance between a star of the maximum mass and the nearest possible fixed star to it- meaning intended semi-ironically as "scorching metric", as any body nearer than that would itself be so warmed by the massive star that solid oxygen would melt. This distance has been calculated as approximately the distance travelled by light in one and seven-twelfths years. This measure is not to be confused with the inconstant siriometer, which is simply the distance between a star of a given mass and the nearest possible fixed star to it.

2. This has caused some scientists to theorize that the universe is laid out something like a layered sheet, with individual layers being mutually inaccessible but ultimately being connected on larger scales. This "barrier problem" has been put forward as a solution for the shifting, color-changing nature of background starscapes- in effect, layers pass over each other and interact in ways that change stellar wavelengths.

Button + Gif Hoard

Here are some buttons, deviantart stamps, etc. Each links to its source (either directly or where I got it from if no source is provided)- warning, some links may have a lot of flashing; they may also be tasteless or NSFW. Relevant links are also provided above the hoard. There's also one more button hidden somewhere on this website. Presence of a button does not indicate that the creator of said button knows I exist- I'll save that for if I decide to make an "acquaintances and friends on neocities" page.

If you created any of these graphics and wish that they be removed or altered, please contact me.

Apologies for not having a suggested site to do so, but I worry a lot about people knowing my social media and email. Coming to me on Neocities will work, but if you want it less public I can discuss elsewhere. Naturally if you want to talk for other reasons we can arrange talking elsewhere too.

If you're interested in acquiring more button and blinkies and stamps, I highly recommend looking through these links! Attempting to find sources for the ones that only seem to exist in other archives is a good idea, too. If you archive these yourself, I hope my collection has something you haven't seen yet!

Draconity FAQ

I made the Glimpse button, the orange spaceship button, the Jormungender button, all eight Planetocopia buttons, the Torchship button/badge/bar, the pancakes image, several of the honeycomb stamps, and the Elia Rowan myself. "I have a computer" was made with Blinkies Cafe. In this case, Xtina refers to my friend Christina (who helped me design the Jormungender button). The Squantview button was modified from a button suggesting sRGB. Each Planetocopia button includes a scaled-down version of one of Chris Wayan's images of the planet in question. The parade of tanks consists of sprites from a game modified and recolored by me.

Current Count: 486 total!

24 web badges/antipixels (80x15), 94 blinkies (150x20), 7 nonstandard blinkies, 15 userbars (350x20/19), 144 micro bars (88x31), 3 nonstandard micro bars, 6 buttons (100x35), 6 nonstandard buttons, 24 honeycomb stamps (64x56), 2 small stamps (92x50), 14 stamps (99x56), 4 large stamps (100x60), 7 banners (468x60), 136 miscellaneously-sized graphics.

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