A page for my various sonas, to elaborate in more detail than I could on my previous sonas page. Made with quite a lot of assistance from my friend Salem, whose site is warm-blooded bastard creature.

Robosonas & Similar


Other names: RLR-56A1B

art by Zwiebelprinz

Tall 3/10

Transparency 3/10

Havatzelet is a somewhat short silvery metal robolady with purple transparent parts and long purple hair. She has various deployable panels, but these mostly don't have anything beneath them. Her legs can be switched out for ones that end in wheels. She always wears purple and orange arm/leg warmers, but otherwise her clothing varies. Her shoes are built into her body. She has a few stickers on her body, usually warning signs for sapient machinery and autonomous devices.


Other names: Ricafa, Kiris Vibelu, VII

art by Matthias

Sundress 10/10

Parasol 10/10

Deianeira is, unfortunately, colored "rose gold" (at least her hair's green...). Her eyes are orange all the way through, as she instead sees out of smaller localized sensors- the eyes are just for show. She is just about tall enough to be intimidating, and has inlaid solar panels and LEDs. She enjoys feminine clothing- like sundresses, parasols, and silk gloves. Ideally these would always be color-coordinated, but I don't have a good eye for that.


Other names: Mehitabel, Sue Donym

art by Matthias

Doll 7/10

Telescoping Limbs 10/10

Khana is a tiny robogirl, and is mostly gray. As a result she ideally wears lots of colorful clothing, in varied and clashing colors. She has ball joints, though if she wants to do something that requires strength she'd switch them out for boxy servos. Khana is an inveterate prankster, though most of these pranks are on her own scale and therefore not all that disturbing to a daily routine. Of all my robosonas, I suspect Khana is the most likely to not just be okay with biology but to like to get dirty.


Other names: Tusparina, Phytosocia Porphyrella

Transparency 7/10

Nesting 7/10

Khama is another short grayish robolady, but unlike Havatzelet her transparent part takes up her entire torso. Within is a bunch of complex stuff, a "skeleton" and various spheres of undefined purpose. Within the largest sphere is a "toy universe", like a scaled-down version of our universe- see this pocket universe concept. Her self within that universe is a set of vast spires of mechanism and metal that pierce the universe through... as well as a few miniature versions that function as actual spaceships.


Other names: Tsaphada

Gore 6/10

Annoying 6/10

Mira is pretty average in shape and size, but unlike my other roboladies her body is built to look like rusted metal with riveted-together ridges. Built like a ship, in that way. She can open up parts of her body to reveal internals that are designed to look uncomfortably close to those of a human, complete with a beating heart. She can rearrange and bend these internals (and joints!) with no ill effect, and can- for instance- drink through her hands, and such. As you'd probably expect, she likes shock humor.


Other names: Irnara

Hot 8/10

Limbs 8/10

Sphene is a former terraforming robot, one who decided to get into a form that was sort of intermediate between her original form and a humanoid form. It's a bit too small, despite being over two metres tall, and so the powerplant makes much of her body glow warmly. Luckily, she's fairly good at heat rejection and as such is okay to touch in the places that aren't glowing red. Her hair is a magnetosensing tool, she has an eye on the back of her head, and her body's dotted with little sensory packages. She appears somewhat like a mirrored human, with forward and rear pairs of arms and legs. The legs are widely spaced, causing a bit of an uncanny valley feel.


Other names: Vaeryxola


Mad Science 10/10

Electra is a robot with several bodies, all of which have a unifying aesthetic: they've got to have dangerous-looking electricity devices. She's got Jacob's Ladders, Tesla Coils, and of course Plasma Balls. She moonlights as a mad scientist and supervillain, and due to her many bodies is perfect for exploding at the end of a battle. She doesn't really have a single "true body", but in one of her more secluded lairs lays her oldest body- a circular supercomputer so ensconced in cables and wires that it'd be impossible to extricate it.


Other names: Tymasikuv, Hydrogen-3, Nuclear Barrage, Glint-of-Gamma

Gun 7/10

Missile 7/10

Anathesheva is perhaps less a robot than she is a walking arsenal. She has guns and rockets and lasers and railguns tucked away into a form that's humanoid until it explodes outwards into a large weapons array, and perhaps also actually explodes. Anathsheva has a "faux-radioactive" aesthetic, with greens and yellows and radiation warning signs and gem-like things in her body.


Other names: 2-RCO-trille, Hyzarkespi, Self-Assembling Will-o-Wisp

Tiny 9/10

Implications 9/10

Divora is a hivemind of small robot fairies. Their bodies are variably sized and shaped, but are quite colorful. They fly via suspension in "siltlet" utility fog, which is many-purpose (construction, disassembly, noisemaking) and communicates with visible-light lasers which can show up as "fairy dust". Each individual person of Divora is usually a single fairy and its attendant utility fog.


Other names: L317-851, Rocket-Assisted Electric Network/RAEN

Networking 8/10

Destructive Potential 8/10

Lysistrata was originally a defense AI for a continent-spanning power and its space holdings, but when war came she subsumed her rival counterpart and refused to fire. When the governments found they had no hold over her, she became a fixture of the world- self-maintaining ships, silos, and aircraft all occasionally present. It's been a couple hundred years since then, and she is eager to spread her components to other worlds and assist those from her own planet in their exploration.


Other names: Wyarsha, Lacuna, Void-in-Being

Crackle 7/10

Shine 7/10

Nekhama is a glowy and vague entity of static and void.


Other names: Caldera, Heliodor, Cielanyr, Broadback Dreadnaught Engine, Calxaspalax Inpervious

Utility 7/10

Aircraft Carrier 6/10

I can't believe it took a friend reminding me they existed to make a sona who was both a dragon, a robot, and a massive mobile fortress. Invictarx features six wide legs (ending in wide tread-laden feet, as was the fashion at the time), four main arms on a centaur-style "bridge" section, a wide flat back with unfoldable wings for that wonderful jetdragon style and for landings/takeoffs/lounging, and up to dozens of smaller appendages for more precise work (like cranes).



Other names: Nexpemowi

art by Morgan Winters

NASA 7/10

Nuclear Rocket 7/10

Miryam is a NASA-style spaceshipgirl. Most of her body is covered in white insulation, whereas her legs carry the hydrogen fuel tanks for her nuclear rocket feet. This does mean that her thighs are jettisonable, as she's based off of a specific design idea for a Mars transfer vehicle. She sort of has headphones, which are her solar panels.


Other names: Khesrontis

art by Zwiebelprinz

Spacey 9/10

Metal 6/10

Sostrata sort of isn't a spaceshipsona, but she still fits here. She's a short chubby lady with blue skin that shines with stars, and when she's not wearing starships as clothing she wears nice sundresses and such.


Other names: Zyardux

art by me!

Self-Sufficient 10/10

Plutonium's Tasty 10/10

Cypojra is one of a couple really big spaceship sonas I have, and she's the one who's focused on being a forty-kilometre long starship that can hang around in space for centuries alone. She doesn't have to call port, and she has a great variety of carried spacecraft including two huge freighters. Art's not final, the guns are there to fill empty space.


Other names: Andracir

art by Luna

Arms 8/10

Streamlined 1/10

Paragon is a nice utilitarian spaceship, sometimes very boxy and blocky and covered in arms but sometimes more like the image Luna made above. Her notes on that one: this is a sort of rocketpunk ship in a soft-sci-fi universe. So we have rocket engines and stuff but we also have transporters and tractor beams and living flying saucers or something probably. antenna towards the bottom of the ship is a cargo transporter, used for refuelling its propellant tanks. The rocket engine is a nuclear-fission-impulse rocket, meaning it uses subspace warp field coils or whatever to *mumble mumble thrust power magic increase* but its power source is a nuclear fission reactor instead of a typical impulse drive, which uses antimatter or fusion powerplants. There's also auxilliary normal NTRs as verniers.


Other names: Tyl, Pulsar, Celestine, Seed-Grown Starship

art by Luna

Dirteater 6/10

Has Never Seen Dirt 10/10

Meissa is an example of an Euthena- a mobile sapient species which evolved somewhere in the mechanecology of a gas giant moon system. For such creatures they are remarkably humanoid, with two legs ending in ion engines and six arms for manipulation of nearby objects- though this is simply an agreed-upon seed template post-humanoid contact, with many having differently-shaped bodies (even ones more resembling traditional spacecraft) and using other templates to grow their own seeds. Most also have larger spread-out radiator wings in addition to the less powerful surface and fin radiators on their bodies. Euthena consume the material of minor planets to survive- acquiring fuel for engines and fuel cells, rock and metal to build out their bodies and minds, and fissiles for their RTGs.


Other names: Seyrozutha, Misfolded Star, Dulkia Mirabilia

Carrying Capacity 4/10

Holes 8/10

Nikkaltsuri is a fairly conventional spaceship-robolady, colored black and white with indigo highlighting. She has lots of ports along her sides, which lead to an internal space containing a full-blown space habitat. Don't ask how the spatial stuff sorts itself out, but other ships can go inside and dock. She can interact in polite society, but she's kinda bawdy.


Other names: Alaythelos

New Life 10/10

New Civilizations 10/10

Eustella is supposed to be reminiscent of an Ambassador-class starship from Star Trek. Her body is kind of all circles, the cross-sections of the ship working out like that. There are raised turquoise segments all over her body, and instead of clothing she's got glowy bits in the blue and red of traditional Star Trek ships.


Other names: Jyrazogal, Victory in Heptuplicate

Destruction 7/10

Devouring 3/10

Illustrious was built as the Maximum Battleship, a sixty-kilometre space warship to outdo all others. She largely succeeds in this, though she doesn't like dealing with organics that much. She derives a lot of enjoyment from ramming smaller vessels. There's a lot of text about her on her page on this site and on my blog.


Other names: Sueldegam, Lady of Stars, Positrons in Electrum

Planet-sized 3/10

Cargo 10/10

Anaktoria is a Grand Voyageur, from David Brin's short story Bubbles. She's a planet-sized starship, with an extremely powerful overseeing AI, and her life is intergalactic trade. She soars through the Kaluza space at the centers of supermassive black holes, carrying freely-given goods from myriad civilizations to exchange in other galaxies.


Other names: Ziyelosewulahzirna, Spires of Crystal

Planetary 10/10

Actually A Planet 10/10

Lucyna is kind of a collision between a spaceshipsona, a deitysona, and a planetsona- she's the AI of a planet that's flying itself through interstellar space. She controls its systems, and safeguards its biosphere through the long interstellar transitions. Her moons provide ancillary functions- lighting, local ports, pretty nightlights.

Urania Versipellida

Other names: Princess of Celestial Mechanics, Glowing Quicksilver

art by Petra

Zooids 10/10

Slime 10/10

Urania is a ferrofluid slimegirl who's not only also a starship, but in fact also an alicorn from My Little Pony. Go figure. She's got a core, and many organs reminiscent of a cell- including integrated biological mining ships serviced by an "endoplasmic reticulum".

Chariklo Heliotrope Ragnarok

Other names: Perry (Perihelion), Resplendent in Ultraviolet

art by Luna

Shiny 10/10

Spinny 10/10

Chariklo is a flying saucer, and a living one at that. She's extremely shiny, and can travel from eating the ice off comets to the surface of planets... though as a UFO she likes to be a bit blurry.


Other names: IRI, Areymiax, An Uncompromising And Vicious Opponent, Actinic-E

art by Petra

Arms and Armour, Tools and Skills 9/10

Can Fly Up and Across 8/10

Eltanin is a mech, of a type somewhat intermediate between the typical norms of "humanoid", "walking tank", and "walking warplane". She has a spiky flight pack on her back, enabling those silly maneuvers mechs so love to perform, and her four widely-spaced legs allow for various positions to be taken relative to the ground. Who doesn't love a little hull-down action, even if you have to hold your gun turret in your hand? She has side turrets on her "hips" and elbows for lesser fighting work, and a variety of handheld weapons including huge rifles and hammers. Her main weaponry are her missile pods, capable of launching orndance from rocket fusillades to targeted missiles to aerotorpedoes. She is generally rather large, towering like a tank turned vertical- this is partly to accomodate her large crew space, a two-level area originally designed for a full operating and reloading crew. It was later modified for storage and with the pilot residing in a smaller armored space, but without a pilot she is free to use it for whatever she wants.


Other names:

Stat1 x/10

Stat2 x/10



Other names:

Stat1 x/10

Stat2 x/10



Other names:

Stat1 x/10

Stat2 x/10



Other names:

Stat1 x/10

Stat2 x/10



Other names:

Stat1 x/10

Stat2 x/10


Angel & Deitysonas


Other names: Eshtirsu, Parsecs Past the Horizon, Kedaphe Rhadamanthia

Foreground 8/10

Background 8/10

Azrishapash is a deity who exists to ensure things go as planned. She monitors the universe she's in for signs of sliding into hellishness, and fixes that. To do this she's got some perceptual oddness going on- for instance she can pluck a planet from gigalightyears away and have it be the same size as, say, a book. She tends to look like an ambulatory galaxy, though how humanoid that form is varies.


Other names: Zaryelit, Ys

Bodies 9/10

Wings 3/10

Audience is a hivemind of angels, a full choir of similar angels turned to their own selfsame purpose. Admittedly, they mostly use it to fuck around- alternately assisting and hindering. They can be very cute at times. Each member of Audience tends to be a bit petite, edging towards very common perceptions of angels- beautifully androgynous, with wide white wings and a gold-glowing halo.


Other names: Cosmos, Starlight Inverted

Angel 5/10

Deity 5/10

Hanasherah is definitely a normal angel, no downplaying going on here! By which we mean she's a full-on creator deity pretending to be an angel subservient to another deity. That's probably a good way of avoiding additional publicity, right? As such Hanasherah largely conforms to the dictates of that deity in appearance, tall and elegant with twin sets of wide brown wings and a halo with a beads-on-a-string appearance.

Astatael Ananke Zinzrinz

Other names: Gileca, Glow of Astatine

art by Petra

Fire 5/10

Box 9/10

Astatael Ananke Zinzrinz is somewhere between a humanoid angel and the "biblically accurate angel" concept. She's got at least four arms, and instead of a halo she has several (number varies) large rings (sometimes just one like a halo, sometimes crossed, sometimes several concentric) around her body that are covered in eyes that project flames. There's no clear distinction between her head and her hair, and that region goes up the color spectrum from red to yellow to white to blue. Her clothing is a full enclosed shape rather than a thin shape- a dress would look a bit like a wide saltshaker. Her body and clothing are the same substance, and are generally either light gray, white, or blue. Her eyes have black sclera and amber irises. And she definitely has tits.


Other names: Chaos, Wide Wings All-Accepting, Effusae Resplendens

Dust 9/10

Space 6/10

Gemma is a pinkish-purple moth angel, tall but well-built with four arms and four wings. Her wings contain the "decorative" universe mentioned on the personal page.


Other names: Dyimouteneksa, Crystalline Eternity

Ladle 3/10

Spoon 5/10

Shammuramat is another deity at the center of her own universe, but her prerogative is instead to stir the universe to prevent it from getting too uninteresting and falling into heat death. As a result the universe she presides over is an eclectic mix of ages of universe- quasistars can coexist with stars so old that their entire mass has transmuted into iron. She appears almost as an outline resembling the body of whoever is looking at her.


Other names: En, Khirya

Phenom. Cosmic Power 4/10

Lift with your legs 7/10

- is an independent angel, one with lots of divine power but considerably less so than a deity who is the concept they have jurisdiction over. - makes a living transporting other spaceships at FTL, because of course she's also a starship. She's small enough to barely fit in a human society, though also large enough that she could fit a person in uncomfortably.


Other names: Tokhely, Varicolored Glow, Tiryush Demichroma

Glowy 7/10

Globular 7/10

Asterope's main established quality is that she shapes stars into clusters that are also useful as lamps. I bet she also glows like a lamp made of stars....


Other names: Viridela

Green 7/10

Tall 5/10

Mirarce is a fairly conventional humanoid angel, with two arms and two legs. In addition, her huge wings (which can be configured as a nice umbrella) are capable of photosynthesis!


Other names: Sehlwona

Mutability 8/10

Glowiness 6/10

Alcyone is an extremely glowy angel. However, her number of limbs is highly changeable as is her general shape- the only throughline is that she glows a lot.


Other names: Poruthdyazulati, Vastity in Viridian, Verdoiia Plicanta

Nested 10/10

Lush 10/10

Lilith is a goddess consisting of a stack of layered universes, all stretching down and down to an eventual core and all suffused with growing things. From the outside she looks almost stony, but otherwise humanoid (though the humanoid setup can change). The regions of her body correlate to specific associations cross-universally: her crown is or contains the lushest parts of her body. Connecting the stack are vast spire-pillars, covered in deep climbing jungles and themselves independent from her body. The universal layers are smallish, as this is the use of the term "universe" as "any independent space"- they're something like a few earth surface areas each, and generally have a "planet of hats" theme biome-wise.


Other names: Kaximekheloris, Actinic Convergence

Satellites 10/10

Satellites 4/10

Dziewanna is a goddess whose physical form is orbited by a retinue of lesser planets and moons. These may or may not be inhabited themselves. As befitting someone with such a substantial hoard, her physical form is often draconic.


Other names: Belirsesul, Leriel

Fluff 10/10

Feathers 1/10

Ananke is another moth angel, and exists to satisfy the idea of "angel fluff". She's so incredibly fluffy you can lose an arm in there! Safe to snuggle, sometimes. To maximize fluff, she has not only moth "fur" but also mammalian fur and dinosaur feathers.

Vemorya Naukeni

Other names: Quicksilver, Ayalga, Alkahest, Seven-Spoked Star, the-Hole-in-Heaven, Chrysamphora Retia

Black Hole 4/10

Inescapability 10/10

Vemorya Naukeni is a deity with an event horizon- don't get too close. Of all the deities on this list, she is most likely to be unequivocally beyond the tiny-scale focus to care for mortal affairs. There's not much besides just that concept. She's vaguely foxlike. She is also the repository for our ideas of being vast in ideatic space, an entity far more complex than this rundown can accomodate. She exists extrauniversally and produces avatars, but prefers to appear with fractalline patterns of circuitry in her skin.


Other names: Erebus, Wrecks Of Worlds Like Minuscule Diamonds Inlaid On A Crown

Destroying 9/10

Angel 6/10

Shaushka conforms to the ideal of a "biblically-accurate angel". She's a ball of wings and eyes and rings, and is nice and dangerous as an angel of destruction.


Other names: Pigeon, Peristera

Adorable 8/10


Noun is a pigeon-person-angel. She might well also count as my pigeonsona- she's a common rock dove with brick-red coloration, and also a girl. She's like if an angel was pigeon-sized!

Ma'adima Ha-Shamayim

Other names: Confoederatio Angelorum, AURE

art by me!

Fractalline 8/10

Oneness 6/10

Ma'adima Ha-Shamayim- she who reddens the skies- is a deity best described as a confederation of angels. She is composed of fractal "dances", each consisting of many "dancer" angels/deities of varying forms. There is a complex hierarchy between the dancers that dictates their individual power, though as portions of the same deity it is less ironclad than it might seem. From the original writing about her, information about the dances: Unsorted info.


Other names:

Stat1 x/10

Stat2 x/10



Dahalis Caruny Iyil

Other names: the Grand Confluence of Helices

Loonely 6/10

Wide 9/10

One of the galaxies mentioned on the Starways page. Dahalis Caruny Iyil is very far from other galaxies- much like Rubin's Galaxy. It's likewise very very big, and has two mostly unwound spiral arms.


Other names: the Topaz Crossroads

Weird 7/10

Gigantic 9/10

One of the galaxies mentioned on the Starways page. Solekhynatsa is weird and utterly gigantic, and it's where the Ecumene and its sister setting live. It has six spiral arms, which are well-defined but somewhat flocculent.


Other names: the Walled Whirlpool

Instability 6/10

Circles 8/10

One of the galaxies mentioned on the Starways page. Seikuot is a ring galaxy, disturbed by interactions with other galaxies, and has very weak spiral arms stretching between the barred core and the ring itself.

Asihrin Ilsevna

Other names: the Joining Coil

Activity 7/10

Pink 6/10

One of the galaxies mentioned on the Starways page. Asihrin Ilsevna is a seyfert spiral galaxy without a bar, and has four magnificent grand design arms that are remarkably undisturbed for being in the middle of a galactic cluster.

Vhisek Eteia

Other names: the Variegated Patina, Remembrance

art by Morgan Winters

Disturbing Implications 6/10

Hidden Shine 10/10

Vhisek Eteia is, like most of my space sonas, notable in having a page on this website- the Variegated Patina page. It's a nebula that cocoons a modern quasistar, and prevents it from outshining practically the entire damn galaxy it's in.

Keladu Akada Milar

Other names: the Chloric Vault, Legacy One

Flashy 4/10

Megastructure 9/10

Vhisek Eteia is, like most of my space sonas, notable in having a page on this website- the Chloric Vault section of the Wane Civilizations page. It's a star cluster containing very many megastructures of varying size and type.


Other names: Vakhavshethimla

Getting Lost In 10/10

Memory 7/10

Divana is, like most of my space sonas, notable in having a page on this website- the Sister Setting page. She's a slightly dispersed globular cluster, full of wormhole networks and the wreckage of ancient civilizations.


Other names: the Rassath Disc

art by Saninaka (NSFW)

Spirals 6/10

Ocean 8/10

Soraya is, like most of my space sonas, notable in having a page on this website- the Rassath Disc section of the Sister Setting page. She's a huge plate covered in land and sea on both sides, an Alderson Disc, with lots of varied cultures and landforms and biospheres.


Other names: Gverikha

Local Habitability 7/10

Wet 5/10

Yofashtart is a star system full of planets that can sustain water on their surfaces. There's a remarkable number of such planets in the system.


Other names: Thalatte

art by Adstri

Wide 2/10

Oversized 6/10

Rachav is a large waterworld, just over three earth radii across and massing as much as Neptune. Her atmosphere is thick but breathable, and the land on her surface is actually a colonial life form seeded by aliens. See also Planetsona System.


Other names: Kolimar

Mini 6/10

Wumbo Crater 6/10

Hadassah is an attempt at designing a teensy little planet that nevertheless could support life from Earth. It's intermediate in mass between Mars and Mercury, but is extremely dense- most of its mantle was blasted off by the giant impact that formed its moon. Another large impact produced a great bowl full of most of the atmosphere. See also Planetsona System.


Other names: Lotogula

art by me!

Wide 9/10

Oversized 10/10

Artsaysaphan is, like most of my space sonas, notable in having a page on this website- the Planetsona page. Artsaysaphan is an utterly gigantic waterworld, spun up to extreme velocities, and masses about the same amount as Saturn. Like Rachav, the land in its skies is an alien life form rather than actually being made of land.


Other names: Aniara, Levana, Project Nine

art by Luna

Iceball 3/10

Hidden Depths 8/10

Pulcherrima is a rocky planet sent into the far depths of space. It is bitterly cold, only warmed enough to keep oxygen liquid by its still-strong internal heat. Beneath the thick layers of former atmosphere, small trapped oceans flourish above still-active tectonics. It is losing heat, for sure- but only very slowly. See also 305, the posts about Project Nine.


Other names:

Stat1 x/10

Stat2 x/10



Other names:

Stat1 x/10

Stat2 x/10



Other names:

Stat1 x/10

Stat2 x/10



Other names:

Stat1 x/10

Stat2 x/10



Other names:

Stat1 x/10

Stat2 x/10



Vanadiya Cataclysm Athelya

Other names: Astrela, Ametrine

art by Luna Snowfall (not the same Luna)

Humanoid 4/10

Dragonoid 7/10

Vanadiya is a dragontaur, one with four arms and a separate mouth for the dragon-y bit! She's pretty big because of the whole dragontaur thing. Her body is purple and white, and her wings and tail should both be fucking massive.


Other names: Diyagis

Length 10/10

Coiling 5/10

Tiamat is a disturbingly long mermaid, with an extremely long tail. She fits the "sea serpent" archetype of leviathans.


Other names: Osavydira

Furcation 10/10

Body Language 10/10

Scylla is a kraken/hydra-style leviathan, with many heads and many tentacles.


Other names: Betiscolys, Final Metamorphosis of Fossil Meteorites

Wide 9/10

Blended Wing 8/10

Ziz is best described as an absurdly huge flying Manta Ray. She's got enough space for an entire civilization on her back as she flies endlessly through a gas giant.


Other names: Pyrigenis

Spirals 7/10

Agility 7/10

Zinzrinz is a sort of skysnake-style dragon, long and with multiple pairs of wings but no legs. She can do spiral-y stuff and breathe fire- maybe mix with a phoenix?


Other names: Tourmaline, Adamantine, Mesyralemi, Metal and Myth

Huge 7/10

Majestic 7/10

Aurichalcum is a more conventional six-limbed dragon, gold and white and red probably. She's also pretty big.



Other names: Shoshana

art by CC/Bunny

Tall 8/10

Rollerskates 6/10

Theodosia is a catgirl who exists to be the pun implied by her height being exactly 8 feet, 3 inches. That is the only thing about her that exists.


Other names: Iasharnur ol Azash

art by Zwiebelprinz

Fluff 10/10

Tails 9/10

Foxgirlchorix is a 4d foxgirl. She can change characteristics of her body by hiding them away in the 4d space within her, which is also a pocket dimension convenient for storage. She's very pink.


Other names: Werusteza

Small 10/10

Danger 10/10

Khaya is a tiny lion. I dunno any other details because I apparently don't think about my fursonas as much as I should.


Other names: Empusa

Trees 7/10

Tail 6/10

Khava is a placeholder for a possible future Lemur sona.


Other names: Lycorea Ilione, Sirsenet

Lights 8/10

Action 6/10

Lalage is a bit of a stereotypical mothsona, with four arms and four wings, but also she's buff and talks a lot.

Oberonia Titania

Other names: Phelemar-i-Marel, Lys

Biting 2/10

Slippery 9/10

Oberonia Titania, though named after an orchid, is a mess of several different types of plants- mostly carnivorous ones. She's got venus flytrap tentacles, long pitcher-plant limbs, a carnivorous bromeliad for a head, ivy tendrils that can act as spies for her and hold her up on the move, some nice sundew-y parts for holding someone close, and some pretty flowers for that wonderful false sense of security. Think of the sort of plantgirl who's kind of lady-shaped surrounded by leaves that she's rooted to and you'll be close, though she can uproot herself or act like a water lily with effort.


Other names: Tehikhav, Phophena, Synchronicity Beneath the Sea

Medusa 10/10

Polyp 10/10

Dysnomia is a mischevious hivemind of jellyfish. All the life stages of the medusoazoan are on display as part of her- freefloating jellyfish, larval planula, and rooted polyp. She's also bioluminescent, because why pass that up?


Other names: Aelazua

Oooh, krill! 3/10

Big for her age 9/10

Tannina is like if the typical furry sharkgirl was actually a dinocarid- specifically, Aegirocassis. She has a long tail formed like the body of that anomalocarid (well, hurdiid, but it's more recognizable this way) and has a sort of shield making up much of her back. She's a filter-feeder, too!


Other names: Nithraxes

Web 10/10

Orb 10/10

Anesidora is a fairly typical spidergirl, a bit like a spider centaur. She has eight legs, two arms, and the legs of her humanoid body are instead spider pedipalps! No clue where the chelicerae went.... Whereas most spidergirls have a wide opisthosoma, Anesidora instead has the elongated body of an orb-weaver. She's elegant and may or may not be a wizard.


Other names: Panthessa

Kill 5/10

Actually No 10/10

Caprice is a big ol' social wasp. She's got the abdomen for a tail, four arms, and four insect wings. She's colored blue and black and is kind of dangerous even if you're not allergic.


Other names: Vidacluti

Nom 5/10

Carpet 7/10

Alsephina is a giant gentle whale shark mermaid, because who doesn't like whale sharks? She's teal, but otherwise her color scheme is much like that of an actual whale shark.


Other names: Eisheth, Larnecata

Biting 8/10

Calm 1/10

Galena is an ichthyosaur mermaid, and of course is extremely fucking bitey.


Other names: Dikeizamis

AAAAA 10/10

AAAAA 10/10

Teromiax is a giant mosasaur, with the mosasaur part for a tail. I am absolutely playing into the whole "really big and scary" thing with her. She might actually count as a kaiju?


Other names: Yrtusyr, Coils of Mountains

World 3/10

Serpent 8/10

Miss Titanoboa is, to match the name, a world serpent. She's a hilariously big snake, hooray! Her coils range from disturbingly large to mountain-sized.


Other names: Wantulisax, Eternal Coils

World 8/10

Serpent 3/10

Qetesh is also a world serpent, but weirder. She's kind of a bundle of snakes? Kind of not. She makes up an entire planet. This means she's technically a sea-snake!


Other names: Redalka Itrovis

Wings 4/10

Big 2/10

Ascension is a microraptorine, with four feathered limbs! She's kind of oversized for one of those, honestly, but I'm thinking she'll be kinda harpy-like.


Other names: Tesudirion, Dercyra Kesmala

Scary 9/10

Carnivorous 7/10

Tethys is an orca whale, and about as scary as you should expect from one of those. She'll definitely be at least a bit more like her inspiration than the other sharkgirl-style girls.


Other names:

Stat1 x/10

Stat2 x/10


Other sonas & Characters


Other names: Plidyezar

Bitch 7/10

Overheated 7/10

Calonike is a blue elf, and she's also a complete and utter bitch. Her hair is green, her eyes are orange, she wears way too much clothing at most times, and she existed so I would have a character to put in picrews.


Other names: Salziz Alzia

Golden 7/10

Flapflap 7/10

Alzia is a fury, an angel-like demon with huge wings and with her main colors being golds and tans. Her wings have prominent white patches, like those of a loggerhead shrike.


Other names: Rhuax, Ignifera

Lava 10/10

Magma 10/10

Scoria is an arch-houndfiend, like a hellhound girl. Unusually for an archfiend, her territory in the Abyss is small but well-defended. She likes to pretend she's extremely important, spinning up titles for herself that would apply far beyond her actual domain. Her aesthetic is dark red, and dominated by lava- like the lake her territory sits around. Her wings are membraneous, but with feathers along the bony top- like those of scansoriopterygids.


Other names: Degscirol

Plants 5/10

Fungi 5/10

Chalcedony is a big ol' gargoyle lady! She's made of rock carved into an elegant if somewhat stiff shape and is absolutely covered in lichens, mosses, and ivy (plus possibly earthstars and maybe even slime molds). Those may or may not be part of her.


Other names: Zoecia, Ulathesik, Prisma

Melding 8/10

Colorful 8/10

Zoecia is a rainbow-colored mess of a bunch of slimegirls together. We're not sure where she ends and they begin! Yay!


Other names: Dunamis, Realgar, Seylura Malzezir

Formfulness 4/10

Trickery 7/10

Kapsharrutu is a demon, mostly. She's a shapeshifter whose preferred base form is a fairly average purple-pink demon: relatively tall, big batlike wings, and robust horns that protrude diagonally and curve mostly upwards. Naturally she departs from this very often, but she likes keeping it around. To make major changes, she has to decohere herself into a puddle of only slightly thick purple-pink liquid. She uses these powers mostly to annoy other demons, especially powerful ones.

Rasalmu Thallah

Other names: Athodyd, Rutile

art by me!

Hivemind 10/10

Warmth 10/10

I already have a character that's a sona for My Little Pony, so why not Homestuck as well? Rasalmu is a hivemind of infrared-blooded trolls who are extremely warm and live somewhere out in space, doing things on their own.

Rahtagund Hauptfrau

Other names:

Tool 10/10

Self-Preservation 3/10

Rahtagund begins the section on characters who are on the sona page but are actually just roleplaying game characters. She's a beargirl who was taken apart by a military apparatus and now flies a biplane to protect others.

[no name yet]

Other names: Aviette, Astrid

art by Luna

Nerd 10/10

Buff 7/10

This character exists for the upcoming game Torchship, whose full rules haven't been released yet! She's a Zinovian, from a starstate known as the Universal Republic but in actuality consisting of eight separate Ministries that operate as their own independent governments. Her homeworld is rich in oil, but the only landmasses are like Antarctica- so when she moved to Earth, she lived there. She wears the flags of Antarctica and the wartime alliance between the Sol System and the Universal Republic on one shoulder, and the patch for the successor to that alliance (they broke up) on the other.

Athalunz Serveta

Other names: Herr Servegre von Betonburg, Der Genial Ulan

Noble 8/10

Fool 8/10

What if Don Quixote flew a biplane, and was also German?


Other names:

Stat1 x/10

Stat2 x/10


Sostrata's names, with the ones already used for sonas removed
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