Oh G-ds I Am Not Good At Computer

This map is entitled Nine-Sector Gambit, as I was unsure if it would work due to its unreasonable size and Ninefox Gambit is a book I should really read.


  1. Open up the tab for the Traveller Random Subsector Generator of choice and customize settings as you like. Mine is the one at the Zhodani Base.
  2. Name each sector of the map. This is not necessary, but is helpful when you start realizing that of your nine sectors two have stars named "Human" and "Patooman". It makes you feel like you have any real control on what the generator wants to call things.
  3. Create an overall shape for each sector of the map. Assign the two variables "Settlement" and "Density" to each subsector- for example, my sector A had a "top-left of a circle" design, and as such outer subsectors were rifts and the bottom-right subsector was the most dense and most densely populated.
  4. Open a word processor of choice- mine is notepad- and copy down the information of each subsector as you get it. If you're not doing them in order, label each one like "Condamisis (A)"- if it doesn't help the makers, it helps your understanding. Save often.
  5. Put all of the subsectors into the Border Maker and let it figure out where the borders should go. Clicking "claim edges" may help a little if you plan to go back over every sector to make their borders and routes connect.
  6. Copy the metadata from the border maker to your notepad file after the subsectors.
  7. Take the two components of your file, subsectors and metadata, and put them in the Route Maker. Build routes as you see fit, keeping in mind that the denser a sector in both settlement and density the more impossible it is to tell where one sphere of Importance ends and the next begins.
  8. Combine the metadata files that have been generated and paste them back into your notepad file.
  9. Take the two components of your file and again put them in the Poster Maker. Get a bitmap image of the whole sector in any style you wish- mine is black background with color, hex numbers, and no rotation at 128 pixels per parsec; with no sector/subsector names or labels but with the subsector grid, routes, filled borders, and world colors.
  10. Take the completed bitmap image and place it in the image editor of your choice, preferably one that can handle huge images safely. If this is your first sector, multiply the pixel size of the sector by the number of sectors in the X and Y directions you're going to make to determine your subfinal image size.
  11. Repeat from step IV until done.
  12. Once done, crop the image so it fits the total size exactly.
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