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We decided to be silly by assigning each of us a set of sonas, and nobody stopped us. This is what happens

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Assorted Writing About Sonas

I think leaning into the ~biblical angel~ thing is the best way to go, I'm definitely maximizing arms but instead of the eyes being in the "hair" they're on wheels and spirals and such. Wings are actually surprisingly iffy, I love ridiculously big numbers of wings but I'm unsure they fit this one. The same sort of facial detail makes sense to me, evident facial parts etc. I like the eye flames but maybe they're from the wheel eyes rather than the head ones. I do like the "no clear distinction between head and hair", but since this is an explicitly embodiment-of-spaceystuff character maybe it could slide up the spectrum from red to yellow to white to blue

Clothing probably follows the same "semi-transient changeable flame container" form, starting most simply as gloves and boots but usually as if all the usual clothing was one element, it's able to take more expansive forms but because it's a container it has to be enclosed (i.e, a dress would build a sort of saltshaker shape). This container is probably light gray or white, perhaps a B or O star's blue. Same color for the wheels- eyes are any flame color, black sclera, yellow or amber iris. Wheels are separate from the body, and their number varies- idle state is as halo, perhaps concentric with some spinning-on-axes. The wheels can do stuff similar to the clothing- empty wheel to spoked wheel to wheel with patches of [similar to her skin] between spokes to an eye-covered cylinder. She gets to have tits cuz that's self-care."