Prefecture 59 - Far Stars Prefecture

Far Stars Prefecture (in Dominion 5 - External Dominion) is one of the largest prefectures of the Ecumene, both in star count and in actual extent. It owes this to effectively being a catchall for regions beyond 500 light-years from the contiguous extent of the Ecumene, and even for a polity that enjoys its borders contiguous and relatively well-defined it has relatively few of these.

Sector 590 - Nearmost Sector

Nearmost Sector is the only sector of the Far Stars Prefecture visible on the map of the Ecumene, located relatively close to the Researcher in the bottom left corner. For a Far Stars sector, it's relatively small- it only contains 116 systems.

Sector 591 - Patina Sector

Patina Sector is deep within one of the two great star-forming clouds near the Ecumene, (common names Variegated Patina/Vhisek Eteia/Remembrance) and at its heart is a fascinating secret. It is the fourth-largest sector in the Ecumene, with 438 systems officially within it.

For further information on Patina Sector, see the Variegated Patina.

Sector 592 - Chloric Sector

Chloric Sector is a sector adjacent to and within one of the two dozen dispersing post-formation clusters near the Ecumene, (common names Chloricentric Vault/Keladu Akada Milar/Legacy One) host to perhaps one of the largest arrays of megastructures in the Localmost Starway. It is the second-smallest of the Far Stars sectors, with 129 systems within it due to the Chloricentric Vault's own lax restrictions on polity-building.

For further information on Chloric Sector, see section "The Chloric Vault" in Wane Civilizations.

Sector 593 - Grand River Sector

Grand River Sector is attached to the only torn starway near the Ecumene, the Bloody Stream. While one of the largest interstellar structures in the nearby portions of the Localmost Starway (on par with spur galactic arms), it is difficult to see from anywhere in the Ecumene except itself- the former starway exists as an overconcentration of red dwarf stars, a long looping line of ancient stars a kilolightyear wide. Grand River sector is the second-largest sector in the Ecumene, containing 945 systems.

Sector 594 - Bright Sol Sector

Bright Sol Sector is one of a few known locations for systems matching the best descriptions of the Human home system Seul and its third planet Artay, and the closest of these to the Ecumene- save the fact that Bright Sol's namesake star vanished under 600 years ago, in the year 2994/8139. No explanation is available for the presence of what seem to have been multiple copies of the star Sol, as history indicates that while the first orbital satellite launched from the Artay within Bright Sol Sector approximately 1600 years ago other known Artay candidates record near-identical flights millenia prior. Bright Sol Sector is the largest sector of the Ecumene, with 1312 systems forming the portion of the polity known as the Unified Humankinds within the Ecumene.

For further information on Bright Sol Sector, see Unified Humankinds.

Sector 595 - Great Shore Sector

Great Shore Sector is a small sliver of the Great Shore, the nearest dispersing spherical cluster to the Ecumene. The cluster itself is several hundred light-years across, and contains approximately three million star systems. As a result, the Great Shore is actually one of the smaller interstellar polities within the cluster- it contains 519 systems, and is largely hemmed in by somewhat larger polities.

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